The Forever Wet show opens tonight at 7 o’clock in All City. Limited zines and t-shirts as well as a bunch of other silly shit on show. Boozecans and beautiful symphonies. So bring your toy ass down and cop this shit.

Forever Wet Issue 3 Zine Launch + Exhibition.

It’s been a long time coming but its finally here, the biggest zine we’ve done so far. Expect some psychedelic scribbles, sweet photographs, silly paintings, graffiti egotism and general buffoonery. On the exhibition night there’ll be a selection of photos and drawings, as well as some new t-shirts and other little bits to get your hands on. All accompanied by some sweet melodies from Bentley Riddims.

15 November @ All City Records


Rejjie Snow x Useless

rejjie snow useless dublin


It’s truly mad. If you were to tell your grand parents when they were young that some time in the near future, girls would take photos of themselves naked (or somewhat to close to it) and then put it out there in the world for others to see, they wouldn’t believe you. And here we are, I’m not complaining by the way oh no. Titties and ass everywhere you look on any social media network. And no, we’re not gonna mention that no-ass bitch Miley.

However. We’ve hooked up with our old pal Rejjie Snow to start this new blogroll (yeah yeah yeah) called “InstaCreep”. We all know what Instagram and Facebook are great for, no need to explain. And our boy Rejjie is on fire when it comes to insta creeping, bitchazz be tagging him in photos and shit like it’s Christmas and he’s a horny Santa who just got them their pink ponies and gold necklaces with their names spelled out on them and shit.

So he’s gonna supply us with the best photos of them pretty ladies that he likes and we gonna stick them up here. The first post is just a tease. But if you wanna catch our attention, holla :



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